Smiling and laughing to fill in the gaps

Our sweet almost two-week-old Tala is still intubated today after her surgery yesterday at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The doctors say that she’s okay, but she has lost some weight since her surgery, and she is running a fever. They hope to extubate her tomorrow, but they aren’t sure that she’ll be doing well enough.

Her sweet grandmother and I waited in Tala’s room together for half an hour while two kind nurses replaced part of Tala’s intubation tube. Her grandmother and I had a bit of trouble understanding each other, but we just smiled at each other and laughed to fill in the gaps. She told me about Tala’s older siblings, and about the rest of the family back in Gaza.

Please be praying for Tala to improve, to gain her weight back and recover from her fever, and that her extubation tomorrow will go well and the doctors will make the right decisions for her.