Snatched from the fire

Kenan was born five days ago in the Gaza Strip, turned blue at birth, and was diagnosed to have only a single ventricle of the heart in place of the normal two. He was rushed into the ICU in Gaza City where emergency medication could keep him alive until he could have surgery.

At the same time the first community outbreak of coronavirus brought the Gaza Strip to a standstill, with residents forbidden to leave their homes. Although a hospital in East Jerusalem was prepared to accept Kenan, the authorities in Gaza said they were unable to process his paperwork.

That triggered our community guidelines, which are to never turn away from a dying child who has no other options. Our Gaza coordinator Amar worked to get Kenan out of Gaza without the assistance of the local authorities, and this evening by God’s grace Kenan was on his way to Israel:

He safely reached the Sheba Medical Center, our main partner hospital, where he is now being assessed and God willing prepared for surgery.

We thank God for every such child we see, like Wesley, “a burning stick snatched from the fire.”