Sohaib’s catheterisation check-in

Today Sohaib was back at Sheba Hospital, he had a great time playing with his mum, pretending to be a doctor,

and driving his car and making love hearts with his hands.

Around his important activities, Sohaib also had an ECG, a chest X-ray, and some general observations. He and his mum will stay the night before his cath tomorrow.

During the catheterisation, the medical team will be mapping out his heart and taking images of its structure. They will also place a balloon into the hole in his heart between the top chambers to close it for a few minutes, then observe how this affects his tricuspid valve, so they are then able to plan for what treatment or surgery will be needed.

Praise God Sohaib is a cheerful playful boy who seems unafraid of hospitals and doctors, but for Sohaib’s mum, this is a difficult time as she remembers how unwell Sohaib became after his first surgery.

Please pray for healing, for wisdom and expertise for the medical teams, and for comfort and peace for Sohaib’s mother.