Sohaib’s first echo

Today was Sohaeb’s first echo since his return to Israel.

During the echo, Sohaib was amusing us all with his laughter and playfulness.

He also had an ECG and was just about able to stay still long enough for this!

While Sohaib enjoyed playing in the ‘train’ in the waiting room, the doctor explained to Sohaib’s mum that Sohaib still has a hole in his heart. This hole is very near to one of his heart valves – which during his last surgery meant they were unable to close the hole as it led to the valve being unable to close.

Sohaib now needs to have a vascular ultra-sound to help the medical team determine whether the best course of treatment would be a cath or cardiac surgery, please pray for wisdom for the medical teams in this.

Sohaib also needs a dental appointment, maybe moreso now as on leaving the hospital, he greatly enjoyed some chocolate ice-cream!