Sohaib’s Holter test

Nurses in the hospital requested Sohaib to get a Holter Test to monitor his concerningly low pulse, and to see if there are any electrical issues with his heart. He was not a fan once we got to the hospital and put the Holter test on; he was concerned that the battery pack which hangs around his neck would prevent him from playing. We told him he could still play, and this encouraged him a bit, but throughout the day he would still be upset by it.

Afterwards we met with Eva’s mother who was waiting for Eva’s surgery to finish up, and it was good that she was able to be there to comfort her friend in a time of anxiety and fear. Afterwards, we went to go home, and while we waited for my coworker to bring the car around, Sohaib got to sit in the hospital golf cart, and wanted to sit on a private vespa, but we compromised and I lifted him up to make it look like he was on the vespa. After the car arrived we packed up and headed home.

Tomorrow we will bring the Holter test back to the hospital, and that will be one more step closer to surgery, now we are praying for a dental appointment so we can finally get Sohaib ready for surgery.