Some improvement

I visited Farooq and his father today in Sheba hospital. Farooq is doing better than the day he arrived. He is receiving medication to support his heart, and also diuretic medications. The fluid build-up is much improved; already he has lost five kilograms in weight, and the medical staff there say its still not enough, perhaps he could lose the same amount again in fluid.

In the coming week, there are plans for Farooq to undergo diagnostic tests; perhaps a CT scan, or catheterisation, before a surgery could be planned for him. It is possible that a surgery also could be as soon as next week.

n It was good to spend a short time outside with Farooq’s father today, he was able to get both a breath of fresh air, and to smoke, as he can think about these days in Israel, and consider his hope for Farooq’s health and healing. Thank you for praying for Farouq.