Some things are only learned the hard way

I spent my day at Sheba Hospital with lovely Lya again today. Lya has not been her happy self of late due to an abscess in one of her teeth. Lya went to Sheba’s ER with a high fever a few days ago. The abscess had caused Lya to have a very painful mouth and created an infection in her body resulting in a high temperature and Lya feeling very miserable.

After not being able to see a dentist yesterday, we tried again today. Well today was one of those day that brought back many childhood memories. Seeing Lya staring up at the dentist, hopeful that it wouldn’t be so bad. Well not such encouraging news for poor Lya, her teeth need a lot of attention and it is very urgent the dentist emphasized.

Please pray that Lya can get an appointment soon to help her with urgently-needed teeth repairs. Thank you Father for your protection over Lya. We pray for Lya’s beautiful smile to return and her laughter so we can have more fun days together.