Sonar test today

Amin had an appointment at Sheba hospital today for a Sonar test in order to make a plan for his surgery. Before we were called in, we had to wait in the waiting area for around ten minutes.

Today was my first chance to get to know little Amin and his lovely mother a bit better, as they have been in quarantine for the last two weeks. His mother shared with me that Amin has three other older siblings, two other boys and a girl. She showed me pictures of them on her phone and they all do look beautiful.

Amin is a very happy boy who loves it when you interact with him, he always smiles back. He is also very brave as he showed today during his examination. He was not afraid or crying at all. His mother had to hold his head calm during the sonar test which worked well and I could see the love she has for him in her eyes. The test was very quick. Right after we went to the ICU as Ami’s mom wanted to see the other mothers who are there with their children. It was a short but nice visit and then we left.

Please continue to pray for this happy boy and his lovely mother.