Soon to be in surgery

Today the doctors  at Sheba Medical Center decided that Ahmed will have surgery on Wednesday.

As do many kids with Down Syndrome, Ahmed has a complete AV canal, which means that the chambers of his heart are connected. As well, he has Tetralogy of Fallot, which is a complex combination of four heart defects. Also, as he is already a bit older, he is suffering from the complications of his Tetralogy of Fallot and this is why his oxygen saturation keeps being fairly low. Because of all of this, the doctors decided to have the surgery this week.

It is such a joy to see Ahmed smiling at us. He was crying a bit today when the Nurse had to change his oxygen cannula, but as soon as he sat up and saw me and coworker Yukako, he was smiling again.

Please pray for Ahmed that he will have a successful surgery and will recover quickly.