Soso is doing well!

When I entered the ICU there was a lot of crying coming from a little baby. I noticed that it was our little Soso.

The nurses said she was hungry but was not yet allowed to drink more milk. Poor little one. I spent some time with her.  I tried to give her the pacifier and I sang to her which have her some peace.  She is a beautiful baby girl.

About one hour later her accompanying Grandmother was able to give her more milk which she took very well indeed. The Grandmother is a lovely woman and looks well after Soso.

When I asked the nurse what the next step will be for Soso, he said we have to wait for the big boss who is on vacation and will be back coming Thursday. All of Israel is in the biblical festival season and begins tonight its Feast of  Tabernacles. Therefore it’s also the time for the medical staff to take their vacation. May they have a good rest, they deserve it! We’re so thankful for how hard they all work for these precious kids, for little ones like Soso.