Soso returns to Gaza in good health

Last week, when I was in Jerusalem, Soso’s grandmother told me she wished that we would meet again, and so it happened to the delight of us both.

Beloved Soso had a cardiology assessment today, and the doctors saw the echo was good. So she and her grandmother are going back to gaza. Since I drive for Shevet from time to time, I went to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem to pick up co-worker Yosef, little Soso, and her grandmother.

We went to the Shevet house in Jerusalem to collect their bags. Often parking spaces are a problem in Jerusalem. Since there was nowhere to park, I stayed with Soso in the car where she slept in peace and quiet.

I thought about how children trust us adults, how they smile and cry with us, forgive and forget. This, opposed to adults and how hard it is to trust and forgive others after we have been hurt….

We arrived to the Erez border crossing into the Gaza Strip. Soso smiled to the world around her.The nice guards let me inside the fence to help the mothers with their bags.

We said goodbye there. Soso’s grandmother asked to say hello to all the members of Shevet, waving a hand as she spoke goodbye. Please keep them in your prayers.