Soso safe and stable in Jerusalem on Yom Kippur

Soso is a one week old baby from Gaza who arrived last night in Jerusalem with her grandmother to Hadassah Hospital, on the eve of the Yom Kippur holiday. Johanna and I met both of them this morning. Soso was asleep when we arrived. We prayed for wisdom and a healthy heart over this beautiful girl. Later the doctor came into the room. He wanted to place another central line in her.

Soso is stable. She is not intubated. She came with the diagnose of coarctation of the aorta but after her echo the doctor found many more heart problems. She also has DORV, ASD and VSD. The doctors are now considering what needs to be done first. She will need more than one operation.

The family is very sad. They were not aware of her bad condition. They thought they got a healthy child but after two/three days she was not eating and feeling well. We spent some time with grandmother. It was lovely to see that Lia’s grandmother and Soso’s grandmother are getting on well together. They enjoy each others companionship.

Please pray for this little girl and for the doctors!