Sovereign God

Sweet Rafif is still in ICU, and nothing really has changed since her surgery. The very slow improvement of her health is requesting a lot of patience of her grandma, who is with her, as well as for us as volunteers. It can be hard to watch a child going through all the ups and downs of recovering, constantly hoping and praying for them to recover. And then nothing happens. Or it seems like nothing happens. And at the same moment you are reminded of the loving, all sovereign and powerful God we have, who knows all things, who has created all things and who has the perfect plan for each precious life. Isn’t that wonderful?

Rafif’s Grandma has also been struggling recently with some health problems of her own, but thank God, she has seen the doctor and received the proper treatment. Please pray for her, that her health might be fully restored by the medical help she will receive back in Gaza.