Special Day

Today, we had the privilege and honor to go to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem for very first time. On the way, we were a little anxious if everything will go well, because we didn’t know where to go exactly and only knew the name of the baby that was waiting for us. But then, we arrived very smooth at this beautiful hospital and also easily found the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit. And on top of that, the first person, we saw, was our precious friend Dr. Uri! So we took a breathe, knowing that for now on we are on the right, safe place. It felt like home! It was very nice to see him again, but the most exciting part was seeing Adams mother. When we went into Adam’s room for  the first time, it was empty. He has already been in surgery and his mom wasn’t there. When we found her, we tried to speak Arabic with her. Speaking only poor Arabic it’s every time interesting to connect. But praise the Lord, she could speak English really well! That facilitated so much and we spent such an amazing and special time together. Of course, she was deeply worried about her beautiful baby. He nearly died in Gaza and all her hope to save his life roots in this surgery. But, we think that like us she enjoyed our time together. We laughed a lot and also we ate lunch she shared with us. After about 5 hours waiting with her, all of a sudden our beautiful Adam came out of the surgery! Even though it was a complex treatment, the surgeon and the cardiologist were very pleased with the surgery: “Now his valves are perfect.” Praise God. If everything continues well, he is going to be extubated today or tomorrow. When we were going to say goodbye to his mother, she  didn’t want us to leave. We hugged many times.

It’s our hope to see both of them again, when Adam can smile and play with us. And it’s our prayer to thank God, to open new doors that babies like Adam have the opportunity the get their life saving surgery in times where Sheba and Wolfson hospital are completely full. Please pray for this beautiful baby and his caring and lovely mother. May he recover soon, experience complete healing and grow up to be a unique and beautiful boy.