Spiderman takes on the CT

Sohaib arrived to our community home in Ashdod with his mother all the way from Kurdistan last week. We expected his treatment at Sheba Hospital would be slightly delayed due to the celebration of the Passover holiday throughout this week; the hospital had told us they wouldn’t be scheduling anything for the week. However, God was gracious to us and we were able to schedule Sohaib for a CT scan of his heart.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning and waited a short time until it was our turn for the scan. Sohaib spent the time waiting pretending to be Spiderman, his favorite superhero.

It was all a bit more intense than I had originally expected because Sohaib needed light anesthesia sedation for the scan. The doctors and nurses took good care of him and I waited with his mother throughout the process. The scan lasted about ten minutes and then Sohaib was returned to his mother.

It took some time for him to wake up, but when he did wake up the first thing he was asking about was, of course, Spiderman. We got an ice cream afterwards as we waited for other hospital business to conclude. We thank God for his care for Sohaib, even on this small scan, and we continue to wait on him during the next steps of his care.