Spiderman visits Sohaib

Sohaib received a unique and welcome visitor at the hospital today… Spider-man! Over the past months of getting to know Sohaib, one thing that is clear is his love for Spider-man. Well in honor of his discharge from the hospital, Spider-man came to visit. It was amazing to see the look of shock and joy on his face and the timidness that took over the usually bold and brave boy.

After Spider-man went home, it was all Sohaib could talk about and was prompt to tell the nurses and doctors that he had met his hero.

We praise God for his continued care of Sohaib. He had an echo today that showed good function of his heart and that he was well enough to go home. The doctors were pleased with the progress he has made.

We returned to Ashdod with honks of the horn and joy on our faces.

Sohaib will return to Sheba Hospital in the next weeks to have follow-up echos, but for now, he is quietly content in his temporary home with us in Ashdod.