Spiking fever

This handsome and peaceful boy, Jude, from the Gaza strip, has had persistent fever and is now under special monitoring in Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric Ward.  The medical staff was considering NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) for the most possible cause of a spiking fever, but now his signs and symptoms are far better so no more NEC is suspected. 
To identify any cause of high and recurrent spiking fever (over 38 degree Celsius, 100 Fahrenheit ), they performed a CT scan last week but found no localized abscess or collection of puss, in his body. 
If the fevers are not solved easily, they are trying to examine further by PET scan, which is usually done in cancer patients to localize areas of high turnover  and metabolic rate.  Those areas would be brighter than other areas, so they can find some hidden inflammatory or malignant area in the patient. 
Also, another problem for Jude is that he cannot eat by mouth until his fever has gone, so he is on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). We pray Jude would be recovered without any complication and would be a successful candidate of definite heart surgery afterwards.