Spreading joy

Since Miran’s last cath didn’t fix his pulmonary stenosis completely, his doctors at Sheba Medical Center want to make the decision whether they can fix it with medication or whether he needs a surgery. So in February, Miran will have another echo to get all the information they will need to make the best decision for our little boy.

Although he and his lovely mother are already here for over three months and they have some waiting time again, he is spreading lots of joy in our house in Ashdod. When I’m entering the family house, he is usually sitting on the table eating a yoghurt or chips and when he is done, he is running and screaming through the whole ground floor. And just in those simple things, he is smiling all the time and making everyone around him happy. He is making our days brighter and has become a huge part of our community.

Let’s thank the Lord for Miran, that he became so close to this community and loves to spend time with us. Please pray for him and his mother, that our Father will give them patience to get through this long waiting time without any problems!