Today I visited Lewan at Sheba Hospital; it was my first time visiting her after her surgery. When I approached her room in the ICU, her mom met me with a depressed face, and a hospital staff was working on the tubes. So I asked the staff if there was any change from yesterday.

Praise the Lord, her answer was, “kol beseder (everything is okay)” and that she was very stable. She still has some bleeding from her mouth from a slight injury during surgery, but doctors hope it will stop tomorrow and then they can extubate her.

I was glad to hear the confident answer from the hospital staff,  but at the same time,   the concern of Lewan’s mother is reasonable. Her precious daughter is still lying on the bed with a number of tubes.

Let’s pray that Lewan’s bleeding will stop soon, and that she can be extubated.  And also for her mom, that she may have peace and confidence that our good Lord loves Lewan and is taking care of her. Thank you for being with us together in prayer.