Stable and a Little Stronger

In the morning we went to visit our beautiful Bilind and his lovely grandma. I was very happy to see him without sedation and his eyes open looking at me. The doctor told me that maybe this afternoon he was going to be extubated. He is stable and his heart is a little stronger than before because he has medication that support his heart function at this time.

We had a beautiful time with his grandma. We went together to the hospital’s kitchen and had  lunch. I spoke with Bilind’s uncle and explained to him about Bilind and he explained that to grandma. Grandma always is smiling, she is so beautiful.

In the afternoon, just before leaving the hospital Magda went to say bye to grandma. She saw that our beautiful Bilind was extubated! He only had nasal canula for oxygen. We were very excited to know that.

Please pray for our beautiful Bilind that everything continues well, for his quick recovery and strength for his amazing grandma in this time in the hospital.