Stable but Needing Prayer

It was my first time to see Rafif and she really touched my heart. Although she is going through a lot her doctor told me that she is stable at the moment. I was glad to hear this news since her condition went up and down the last days. Watching this little baby I knew the Lord is caring for her. He loves her more than anybody, watches her day and night and has her life in His hands. He is the Almighty One who made heaven and earth, the little sparrows in the field and He cares for them everyday! How much more does He care for every need Rafif has!

Thank you for every prayer you speak! We can’t impact the whole world but we can work and live for Jesus where ever He places us.

We know Rafif needs every prayer she can get – so let’s pray for her with a thankful and trusting heart because we know – our God is control!