Stable but with some difficulties

When I visited little Liya today at Sheba Hospital, she was moved again back to the ICU because she developed a fever over the weekend. She was awake when I entered the room and I could hear that she was breathing fast and was in some distress. Last week doctors made some tests and found that Liya has some bacteria and was put on a course of antibiotics right away.

Also Liya has been experiencing problems with eating. This morning a specialist visited her and found that Liya is not taking from a bottle very well. For now, doctors are trying to feed her via mouth as much as possible, then give her the rest through a tube. But as she has also problems with breathing, there is some concern that Liya aspirates her milk when they are feeding her. Liya is still extubated and receives some inhalation to improve her breathing.

Liya’s grandma is staying faithfully by her side even though it has to be very exhausting for her. Let us thank God that Liya is doing fairly well despite all of this and pray for her healing!