Stable in his instability

The report this morning was that x-rays and echoes show Ayham’s surgery was a success. His nurse said that he is “stable in his instability.” She explained that he still needs his medication and temporary pacemaker, but he is doing well with their support. It is taking longer to heal because his heart was so weak before the surgery. He will remain sedated while his heart is healing and growing stronger.

He has had two echoes this afternoon. Coworker Berith gave this report:

A doctor tested Ayham again and he said they don’t see the improvement they expected, so tomorrow the doctor’s will gather to discuss Ayham’s case and decide how to go further, and he said that it can take weeks instead of days as they were hoping for.

 Ayham’s mother has been an encouragement to other moms in the PICU. We pray for Ayham’s healing and for his mom’s encouragement as she encourages others.