Staying in Ashdod

This morning we were very excited to drive to Erez boarder crossing because we were picking up our good friends Kenan and his mother.

He was scheduled to come to Sheba Hospital for a dietary appointment and there the doctor had the great news for us that Kenan is gaining enough weight and looks so good that he doesn’t need follow-up appointments there anymore.

His mom was happy and proud of her son but at the same time, she was still worried. Kenan had some convulsions and tachycardia lately in Gaza and so she asked if Kenan could see his cardiologist. He was unfortunately not here, but she talked to another cardiologist who decided it was best to admit Kenan in the hospital and do some tests on him.

As it is the weekend now and they won’t do tests during those days, Kenan will stay in our Ashdod house until Saturday evening and get admitted then. His mom was a little bit sad that she can’t go home to Gaza, but she only wants the best for her son and so it is no problem for her to stay.

And we are very happy to spend more time with them here.

Kenan and his mom are already for so long a part of our community and we enjoy it always when we have them around!