Staying in Israel

The neurologist graciously assessed Omar early this morning at Sheba Medical Center, before his other patients were scheduled to arrive. Our social worker friend at Sheba was so kind in also joining us for this consultation, greatly helping by translating and providing support to the mother. It is so important for the family to be able to communicate with the doctors and also to understand about their child, so I am incredibly thankful that God orchestrated everything perfectly.


The neurologist confirmed the Gaza doctor’s diagnosis of autism. We also discussed the need for life-long therapy. There are also various tests to investigate if there is anything that could be treated with medication, and also the recommendation of a genetic analysis. The parents of Omar are advocating for further investigation and tests to be performed in Israel, and the organization has decided to pursue this and to perform a genetic analysis.


Please pray for Omar and his mother as they wait. There are many unknown details and we will trust God to provide the strength and resources to be able to support him.