Staying Strong

Hani just amazes me. Since her major surgery Hani has had a difficult time of recovery with fevers and low saturation level not to mention the inevitable pain that goes along with major heart surgery. However, she is being so brave and is working hard to make sure she doesn’t slow down her rate of recovery. This means we have seen her many times out from her bed exploring different areas of the hospital and coming and greeting people from Kurdistan arriving with Shevet in the mornings.
Today it was beautiful to watch her play piano. She has learnt 3 tunes since being in the ICU and I marveled at her today as she was taught a new tune which she picked up within minutes. Music played with a pure heart to me just speaks of the glory of God and I was so moved watching Hani today.
Tomorrow Hani will have a catheterisation to attempt to repair an ASD in her heart. Please pray for her and her father as she has this procedure. Please pray that she has a new sense of abundant life following the surgery.