Step by step

For healthy people, the simple things like moving, drinking, eating and smiling are very easy to do, but for a sick child it is very difficult. But today I was very grateful to see Halbast beginning to do these things again.

The mother of Mustafa and I, found Halbast in his room. His lovely mum was very happy to see us. The doctor talked to Halbast’s mum about all the food he can eat now. He has not been eating very well, but the doctor said he can try eating mashed fruits as a starting place and hopefully he will like that.

When I was standing next to Halbast, I felt something kicking my stomach again and again. Surprised I looked down and saw Halbast foot hanging out of the bed moving around. I was so glad to see that and felt very honored to be kicked by him!

The nurse said he is on less oxygen, which is great, and they want to remove him slowly form the support. Step by step, our little Halbast is improving and so is his mum. She looked a lot better today and introduced me to her family back home in Kurdistan.  It was so nice to see how they are trying to support her, and even Halbast seemed like he was smiling when he saw his dad and heard his voice. Nevertheless, his mum is still upset about his situation and worrying a lot.

We have a God that wants to give her peace and love; a God who cares for His children and only wants their best. Please pray with me that she will see His love and light in these dark moments, and will receive Him as her Father. May God’s blessing be with Halbast and His healing come. For our God is great and His love is never ending!