If Noor’s fine, then I’m fine

I was very happy today when I went into the room where Noor and her lovely mother are in the ICU and saw that happy Noor is already extubated. The mother greeted me in her kindness and was very happy about it as well. She told me that her little daughter had a fever in the night and that she wasn’t that well in the night but praise be to God that she is now. It is always so lovely to see how much the parents love and care for their children in the way that Noor’s mother did today. While Noor was at our community home, her mother told us that¬† Noor is hardly ever sleeping, but in the hospital she is usually sleeping because of her medicine. Even though she is moving a lot whilst sleeping,¬† her mother is by her side all the time, and when she was moving, she calmed her down very quickly. One of the doctors quickly came inside and told her that Noor’s echo today looks good. Her mother was happy to hear that but at the same time she knows that everything is happening step by step. She said the waiting is no problem. If Noor is fine, I’m fine, no problem. It was lovely to see how much she loves her cute Noor. Please pray that Noor continues to recover well from her surgery, step by step.