Step by step

Today at Sheba Hospital, I met Lewan on her way to an echo. She was in her wheelchair, and it was difficult for her to talk. She raised her hand a little bit to try and wave. Her mother told me that she is eating and drinking a bit, and the doctors say she is continuing to recover well.

Her mom took her for a short walk around the ICU, half-carrying her back and forth. It is very, very hard for her mother to see Lewan so helpless, but she continues to patiently and lovingly care for her every day.

In the afternoon, Lewan didn’t want to eat anything because it hurt her throat, which worried her mom. Co-worker Lena went to Lewan’s mother and was able to comfort her by calling someone to help with translating for the doctors.

Lena also comforted Lewan by showing her pictures on her phone. Please pray for God to restore Lewan and give encouragement to her mother. We pray that Lewan will have less pain, and grow stronger as she is able to do more.