Steps forwards and backwards

Visiting Liya and her mother is still the highlight of every Sheba Hospital day for me. Our girl is still not very good but she is stable. She is slowly waking up and reacting a little bit to what is happening around her which are very good steps for her, but her doctors still don’t know if she will need brain surgery. They want to give her time to recover because there is a chance that the blood in her brain will dissipate by itself.

When I stayed a while with Liya in her room she suddenly started throwing up and her nurse came in to care of her. He told me that Liya is making steps forwards and backwards all the time. She is getting better so that her doctors are able to reduce her medicine but now she has withdrawal symptoms and started having a fever and throwing up. Please keep praying for her and her mom who is also having a hard time staying with her sick daughter all the time.

Please pray that Liya will keep improving and doesn’t need a brain surgery. God we believe that you can heal this wonderful girl!