Still capturing the hearts of many

Today we took Maryam and her mother Sara to Sheba hospital for her appointment admission. Her mother said she normally cries when she is there, but today she was smiling and laughing. She was even very helpful to the doctor. When the doctor mentioned she needed her pulse, Maryam held out her finger. When the doctor pulled out the blood pressure cuff, she put out her arm.

She did very well up until the echo. She struggled with the technician and finally cried, but all in all, she was a very brave little girl. After her echo she went for her xray. In between these (& other) procedures being done, Maryam’s mother Sara, Maryam and I had some time in between each. During these times, we walked the halls. Maryam’s smile captured the hearts of many. Children stopped to talk to her, people looked back just to smile at her and some just said hello. Her smile is quite contagious and captures your heart.

Sara and Maryam stayed in the hospital as Maryam will have a catheter done tomorrow. Once this is complete, they will know whether she will need the surgery now or in a year. So may we continue to pray for Maryam and her mother, as her mother is getting weary in the process. May our prayers carry her through this difficult period of waiting.