Still having trouble eating

Coworker Jan and I went to Sheba Hospital to make a few visits. As we walked into Malak’s room, we could see the cute girl already looking at us with her sweet big eyes. She was very curious and wanted to see more to discover who entered her room. While we talked to her mother a bit, cute Malak was fascinated by coworker Jan. In the picture you can see how well they got along.

A doctor told us that even though Malak’s oxygen levels are stable and not concerning anymore, she has to stay in the hospital for a while. Malak has great trouble with eating because she often gets milk into her lungs which can be very dangerous. The doctor told me they are consulting with the gastro and neuro department on further treatment. If they find a way to feed Malak without the tube, she is one step closer to going home.

Let’s pray for Malak and her further recovery. Pray that they find a solution for her eating problems so she can leave Sheba soon.