Still in Hospital

Wareen had a procedure today to place a chest drain tube into her right side. The purpose is to get rid of the residual fluid which is in her lung. Her dad was feeling very hopeful, as Wareen’s neighbour Nyaz has had her chest drain for only a few days and the fluid has now gone. He is hoping for the same speed of recovery for Wareen also.

We need to keep Wareen in our prayers, as she has really been in the hospital for a long time now. While she is currently stable, she is still not ready to be discharged home to us, let alone ready to return to Kurdistan. Her father has Wareen’s health as his priority, but there are also concerns now about his work. Please pray that God would work a miracle in this family, and we would see Wareen completely healed and ready to travel home soon.

Thank you for interceding for this beautiful precious girl.