Still not the end of the journey

Sadly it’s still not the end of the long journey for our beloved precious Leen and her lovely, extremely friendly mother. Leen hadn’t eaten anything today before we went to the needed follow-up after her dental surgery last week. Due to this, she was quite upset and hungry. Anyway, she smiled for the pictures I took, and said “cheese” in her cute little voice.

Poor little thing didn’t liked it at all that the doctor needed to check her tooth. Three people were needed to keep her mouth open, but that worked out well so the doctor was able to look at her teeth.

The outcome of the follow-up visit is that Leen and her lovely mother can’t return back to their family in Gaza yet according to a problem with one of the crowns. She told us that hopefully it will resolve on its own after two weeks; this often happens often with children who have had the same treatment. The doctor wants to see her for another follow-up again after two weeks. If by then the problem is resolved on its own, Leen and her mother can return back to their beloved ones in Gaza. If not, the doctor has to check what exactly is causing the problem.  Please pray for our beloved Leen and her mother.

On one hand, I feel sorry for both of them because of course I want them to return back to Gaza after this long journey so they can see their family finally again, but on the other hand I’m pleased that they are joining us at Jaffa still for a little while because they feel like family members to me. It’s lovely to have them at our community in Jaffa for just a little longer.