Still on a breathing machine

Today co- worker Sabrina and I visited our little girl Asmeen at Sheba Medical  Centre. It was so nice to see her peacefully resting on the bed. She received a beautiful toy which also makes music. She likes to observe it and stay quiet.

Our cute Asmeen is still on a breathing machine and doctors don’t know when they will be free to discontinue with it. She is so long already with breathing help, and has to stay in the Pediatric ICU because of it. The nice nurse whom we asked today if there will be a new treatment plan, could not give us any information. For Asmeen’s mother, it is also difficult to cope with the unknown.

Today, Asmeen had a fever, but thank God, the medical staff had it on a string, and now Asmeen feels better, the fever is down.  We hope for improvement from our little girl in everything very soon.

Please keep praying with us for clarity in this situation for Asmeen and also for strength for her lovely mother. Thank you so much for your support!