Still recovering

Dear Meena was extubated yesterday. Her mother called today to say that there seemed to be a problem with Meena however. Her blood pressure had dropped very low, and there was a problem with one of her cannulas. Her mother and I were asked to wait outside the Sheba hospital pediatric ICU as many staff there worked on Meena. Her mum was looking different from yesterday, more tired, worried and tears in her eyes. Not a nice thing to see, in such contrast from her usual joyful self. She is a lady with a big and generous heart, always full of life, who faces the good and the bad with a hopeful and grateful heart. ¬†She often comments, “I hope for all children to leave the hospital with good health!” She is a blessing.

The doctor spoke to Meena’s mother later this morning and explained that Meena was not in a stable condition. She needed a lot of medication to help her blood pressure, and they needed to intubate her again. The doctor communicated this difficult news to Meena’s mother with kindness and excellence. Meena’s mother is worried but is encouraged to think how Meena is strong, determined and beautiful. She asks us to pray for Meena with all our hearts. We are hoping and praying for a better day with healing for her tomorrow.