Still Waiting

Today, we had the honor to get to know Hour and her lovely aunt a bit better. She is such a sweet baby, as she was calm and innocent dozing in her aunts arms. Lulling Hour, her aunt shared a bit of her story with us. Hour is the daughter of her brother. Because of the young age of her mother, they asked her aunt to apply for a permission. Now, she is here and they are still waiting for the surgery. They first wanted to operate her last week. But now they still have to wait for results of a CT-Scan before they can put her on the schedule. As we hear it a lot in the news and also from other families, also her family suffers in Gaza. She described how difficult life’s getting and how people are trying to leave Gaza to settle down on a better place. I think as western people who have usually grown up in a good, safe and in comparison really wealthy environment with many opportunities, it can be difficult to fully understand the daily life for those families. We hardly can understand the pressure they’re  living under and their daily sorrows. But what we can do, is showing them that someone cares for them, that they are not forgotten. And also we can lead them to Jesus, as their messiah, the only place they can find real joy and freedom. So please pray for them and let us pray, that Hour’s family will have an encounter with the almighty God.