Still waiting for a bed to open up

Asmeen’s mother was outside the Sheba hospital pediatric ICU when I saw her, and she asked if I could come in to see Asmeen. It always strikes me when I see Asmeen awake, that she is so beautiful. She was moving around a lot, and kicking off her blankets; her mother commented on this with delight. She asked if there was any news for Asmeen, and my response was the same as before, that we are waiting for a bed to open up in the hospital in Jerusalem for her.

Please pray for this to happen or for ways in which we could help move things along for Asmeen. Her mum saw all of the Kurdish New Year celebrations happening this weekend, and instead of a tone of bitterness that she wasn’t there, she took joy in describing the Newroz festivities that she has attended before and hopes to go to again someday.