Still with us, fighting strong

While in the Sheba Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, I was informed that Ziad was currently in the operating room. The doctors were working diligently to remove the cannulas from the ECMO machine. A healthcare professional shared that Ziad would be returning to the unit momentarily.

Literally a minute later, I turned around in response to hearing the sound of a hospital bed coming towards me. It was little Ziad, with his chest still open. Following him was his mother, holding co-worker Alena’s hand. It warmed my heart to see them together, and the bond that they have formed.

We waited together with Ziad’s mom outside in the waiting room. We watched the sun prepare to set. His mother has been with Ziad through these last five months. I hope she is able to rest and to soon see her two other boys at home in Gaza. I welcomed her to our home in Jaffa to visit the ocean, when Ziad is finally able to return there also. I hope this will occur one day, and that Ziad can enjoy the beauty of the sea.

His cardiologist updated his mother regarding Ziad’s heart. His left ventricle function is better and his right ventricle has shown slight improvement. Ziad is still battling high pressures in his lungs, as he has been for a long time. He’s been fighting even under sedation, grabbing the cardiologist’s hand in an echo. The doctor said this was a good sign because he is “still with us.” Praise God for Ziad’s life. Praise God because He is with us.