Stopping all former meds

At Sheba Hospital today, Yassin had so many visits from different doctors. Yassin came to the hospital with a lot of medicine on board. The doctors decided for various reasons, to completely stop the medication; Yassin has so much medication in his blood and the doctors need the concentration of this medicine low, and that could take weeks.

In the morning, we had a lot of fun with Yassin. Coworker Amelie and I, along with Yassin and his grandma, had a painting time right in the hospital room.

Yassin’s grandma told us he loves to swim and frequently does so in Gaza.

Yassin was curious about how his electrocardiography looks while he was doing the stress test.

He also like sports, so he enjoyed making the cycling movement in his bed while the doctors tried to see how this action changed his heart’s electrical activity.

The doctors decided give to Yassin a medicine treatment to control his abnormal heart rhythms, and this made Yassin a little afraid, he hid below his duvet. For now we have to wait for the level of former medication to reduce in his bloodstream and then make more tests to help shape the best decision on the doctors’ part for proceeding in treatment for Yassin.