Straight to the ER

Lara landed today in Israel with her mother (seated above in van). We praised the Lord immediately when we found out that the mother speaks English very well. She is a very nice woman and she has another son at home.

After some hours when the mother and Lara settled in our house in Ashdod, Lara had an episode where her oxygen level dropped really low. The mother said this is normal, but after 15 minutes of no response from Lara we decided to take her to the ER.

She is now admitted to the ICU in Sheba hospital. The doctors will keep an eye on her in the next days and they will do tests on her to see what they can do for Lara.

We ask for your prayer for Lara and for the doctors to know what they need to do.

We thank the Lord that Lara is now in Israel, where she can get the right medical help.