Strength and Endurance

Eva has successfully come through her diagnostic catheterization. Praise God she is doing well, full of joy and smiling. Her mother, however, is admittedly stressed and anxious about the next steps for Eva. I went to visit Eva and was also going to look for her doctor so I could find out information about what their plan is for surgery. God’s timing is always perfect and he aided me greatly, as I didn’t know what Eva’s doctor looked like, so I was worried about having to go find him in the cardiology unit.

As I was about to go look for him, there was a commotion at the hospital room door, and in walked a group of about seven nurses and doctors coming to celebrate Eva’s birthday! And with them came Eva’s doctor. This was a blessing for me and Eva’s mother because we were both able to stop him and ask all the questions we had.

The doctors’ plan for Eva is that she will have three surgeries total. The first will be some time this week and will be a Pulmonary Artery banding, because Eva’s Pulmonary Artery is too dilated. The next surgery will be in two months, God willing if the first surgery goes well. And the third surgery will be in two to three years from now. The doctor said that if all the surgeries go well, Eva could have a very ‘close-to-normal’ life. The doctor said he was very happy with this plan as the other plan for surgery would have been more risky, and they decided on the safer option.

When the doctor left the room, I could tell Eva’s mother was holding back tears. She said, “Two months is a long time to be in Israel.” I am sure her heart was aching for her three children and her family in Kurdistan and the thought of being away from them for longer than she hoped or expected. The shock of the news and the realization of the extent of the surgeries, weighed on her heavily at that moment. I was glad that I was able to sit with her, I prayed over her and Eva, and lent a comforting presence to her. Eva on the other hand was full of joy and smiles at the birthday gift, a stuffed unicorn, that Zech brought her.

We need to be in fervent prayer for Eva, she is not out of the woods yet and these upcoming surgeries could take a mighty toll on her fragile body. Let us also pray for Eva’s mother, that she would be strong and courageous in the face of these nerve-wracking surgeries. Pray that she would have strength during the moments of waiting and pray that Eva and her mother will be reunited with their family soon.