Strong as an ox

I got to see Arwa today, one day after her big surgery at Sheba Hospital, and she is doing well. When I entered the room, she overpowered the sedatives and decided that it was time for her to be extubated, as she tried pulling the tube out of her mouth. I got some nurses, who did not agree with little Arwa’s medical opinion, and gave her some more sedatives. This little girl who is so strong, did the same thing about 10 minutes later, leading to more sedatives. I wonder how long it took for her to overcome that dose too.

Arwa’s state is good, she is recovering from surgery very well, and that is making her mom very happy. Doctors have found nothing wrong with her heart in the daily echoes, but will continue them anyways, and tomorrow they even plan to extubate her and take her off of sedatives as well. We are praying for Arwa’s recovery, and it seems like God has answered, granting her strength, maybe even a little too much.