Strong heart

Today our good old friend Kenan and his wonderful mother came again for an echo at Sheba. It was a day full of long waiting hours for them. First they had to wait at Erez, then we had to wait for hours for the echo and then for the doctor and in the end we needed the report for Kenan so that he could go home.

Kenan didn’t mind all this waiting time. He improved his driving skills with the cars in the echo area, made friends with another girl from Shevet and practiced walking and talking with us. He is a very cute boy and we missed him a lot in the last weeks.

In the end, Kenan’s doctor was very happy with Kenan’s heart. His condition is good and his heart is beating strong. For now there is no reason to worry and Kenan will come back in three more months for another echo.

We will also see him again in three weeks for a dietary appointment and I’m looking forward to seeing his mom again who makes every hospital so much fun! Thank you God for all those good results from today. It’s a miracle to see Kenan doing so well after we were so afraid before his last big surgery and if we remember in what condition he was when he first arrived in Israel, we can be very thankful indeed.