Strong parents

Last night we admitted our cute Lalo for his cath at Sheba Hospital. We left with a prayer for protection for Lalo and peace for his father.

In the morning, we were back when he was taken to the cath lab. His dad was very worried while we waited, talking a lot on the phone to his wife, who has been in Israel one and a half years ago for Lalo’s first surgery. He said he always knew his wife was very strong, but now he can finally really understand how much strength it takes to be in the hospital with your sick child. We tried to distract him a little bit by letting him teach us Kurdish and Arabic.

The cath was successful and the doctor was very pleased with the outcome. They widened Lalo’s left pulmonary artery where he already has a stent and placed another stent in the right pulmonary artery. In the future, they will have to widen or replace the stents again, as Lalo grows.

Let us praise God for the successful intervention and ask for quick recovering and patience for Lalo because he doesn’t like all the medical instruments too much. And thank you so much for praying for the Shevet Achim children! And let’s not forget their parents who also need the strength and patience of our almighty God.