Struggling at the beginning of her life

Last Friday our newest child, little Maria from Hebron, arrived safely at Sheba hospital. She is only two weeks old and is in a very critical situation right now. When I talked with the doctor about her today, I learned that she has coarctation of the aorta. Because it was diagnosed too late, her body didn’t get enough oxygen and she had multiple organ system failure.

The doctors decided this morning that the only way to save her right now, is to put her on the dialysis machine in the next hours. They have also been very honest to me and the worried dad, that this is very dangerous and she might die during the procedure. On the other side, they knew that she would die if they don’t do it. In the evening, we heard the good and relieving news that they successfully started the dialysis and she is good for the very critical situation she is in.

Now the doctors hope that she will improve enough that she can have her urgent heart surgery soon, God willing in the next days.

In this moment we can’t do anything for this little girl than praying. Thank you God for creating this beautiful little girl! You made her wonderful and you have a plan for her life. Please bless her and heal her!