Successful and satisfying day

Today at Sheba Hospital little nine months old Hur was scheduled for her heart catheterisation.

We prayed for Nur and her Mum committing them both to the God of all grace and comfort for peace, success and healing and shortly after 11.00am she was wheeled into the pre operative area awaiting the anaesthetist to review her case notes and administer a light sedative before being taken Hur into the operating theatre.

After around 35 minute’s waiting time, with her understandingly nervous Mum, the anaesthetist came and completed his preoperative checks and she was taken away for surgery.

We had prayed, believed and committed Hur to the Lord.  We were not disappointed in a great outcome. After around 4 hours the doctor informed us that the operation, while not being easy to perform, had been successfully completed.  The doctor did explain that Hur had a weak heart and was fragile however she believed that a great outcome had been achieved.

She further explained that so long as Hur remained stable for the next 48 hours she would be unlikely to require a return visit to Sheba for another six months.

We gave thanks to the Lord for his mercy and shortly thereafter Hur was taken to her room where the doctor and several nurses attended to the medications and other post-surgical requirements.

Once this was finished, Hur’s Mum lovingly visited her daughter, grateful for the success of the operation.

Several of us visited Hur and her Mum and prayed for Hur, committing her life to the Lord in prayer and with thanksgiving, believing that the Lord had a plan and a purpose for her. After remaining for a little time after prayer, we departed to visit other children who had their surgeries today to pray and say our goodbyes.

All in all, it was a very successful and satisfying day rejoicing in the goodness of God with love and hope in our hearts, knowing these precious lives were in his kind hands.