Successful Arrival

Nyaz and her mother arrived to Israel this morning! While both are tired from the trip, they provided plenty of smiles in the arrival hall and in the car. Nyaz has a complicated heart defect (TOF with complete AV canal) with her oxygen saturation reported to be quite low in Kurdistan.

And the effects were obvious with the shape and color of Nyaz’s fingers and toes, but praise the Lord the oxygen level reading at the airport was around 80% and Nyaz fared very well during the travel. After contacting Sheba to ensure the decision, we headed home to our Jaffa base with Nyaz and her travel companions (Wareen and Tre).

Nyaz and Mom will rest at home today and we will soon hear when their assessment appointment at the hospital will be. What a blessing we have to get to know beautiful little Nyaz and her mother as they are here with us in Israel!