Successful arterial switch

It has been a harrowing couple of days for Yousif, from being unexpectedly dmitted to the hospital via the ER on Thursday night, to an emergency cath on Friday night to aid the blood flow in his heart, and finally the arterial switch operation today, he and his mother have undergone so much in a relatively short period of time; the surgery today, we hope is the last intervention he needs after his two catheterizations, one in Kurdistan and the one from Friday. It was during the Shabbat meal, the first with the remaining families out of quarantine, when one of the Kurdish mothers in hospital called to say Yousif was not well and was having a procedure. His oxygen was dropping into the thirties. For a few minutes Georgia and I hesitated whether we needed to go, but then she said one very definitive thing that put it beyond a doubt: If Yousif’s mother was my sister I would be there. It wasn’t a very long cath, just to widen a hole in his so blood would flow better, but during this time other Kurdish mothers and fathers in the hospital came intermittently to check on Yousif’s mother. Today was similar, different parents coming, sitting for a while, encouraging her with their own funny, eccentric experiences in the hospital, some suggesting to go outside to help pass the time, so on. The surgery was about five hours in total and by the end his mum was relieved and overjoyed to see Yousif’s small frame being wheeled in an adult size bed up to his recovery room in the ICU. Please pray for him as he recovers, so much has happened in these past days to him, so we thank God he is on the other side of his big operation.