Successful Cath, Surgery Tomorrow

After her night in the hospital, Hani and her dad had to go to the adult heart center within the hospital early this morning for her catheterisation. The doctor was pleased to tell us afterwards that they did not find any electrical problems with her heart, and so she has been scheduled for surgery tomorrow! It is going to be a really big surgery and take the whole day tomorrow.

During some of her long days at the hospital as an outpatient, Hani has been able to make her way into the music room and had won the heart of the music therapist. She was so happy to hear that Hani is due for her surgery tomorrow, and gave us a book which she has written, which prepares the older children for their surgery.

Hani herself was so lovely when we saw her after her cath. She was friendly and happy, and showed us all of her cannulas. If she was in any pain, she didn’t shown it at all.

We left her with her dad to talk about what is going to happen tomorrow. The medical team plan to use a recently developed procedure to move her valve within her heart to improve the function. Please pray for our special Hani, as she is about to undergo a really major surgery tomorrow. Pray for wisdom and skill for the medical team, and please pray for peace for her family.